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Robert Pawliczek: Infinite Riff

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>> The title “Infinite Riff” immediately came to mind when I started thinking about how to name this indefinable bunch: nothing but an eternal guitar riff and no end in sight. When we first talked about making this book, I wanted to make sure it was nothing more than a collection of posters, flyers, texts, photos, and quotes (etc.) from various colleagues, illustrators, promoters, band members (and so on). [...] <<

This catalogue is a limited, large format, riso-printed edition of 100, numbered and signed, plus 10 special editions - a multiple with drawing, cassette, booklet & poster.

Editing: Bernhard Fuchs, Robert Pawliczek
Text: Clemens Marschall
Translation Intro: Charlotte Maconochie

Published by S13.
Printed by Soybot Vienna.
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